Dine with the Fishes

Dine with the Fishes

If you’re an experience seeker (with some extra money on your account) dining is not always about the food, but rather about the experience. And although not completely new, this underwater restaurant is surely one that would impress any luxury dining aficionado. Located in Maldives, this restaurant offers you the view of the sea.  But not the ordinary sea view, instead, it will give you the view of thousands multicolored fish in various shapes and sizes.

Located 5 meters under the sea, one might wonder how to get into the restaurant.  It is being said that entering the restaurant is like tumbling down a tropical version of Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole. Guests are led across a wooden jetty to a tiny thatched pavilion, then pointed down a dark, winding staircase. At the bottom is Ithaa – essentially a tiny transparent box, only nine meters long and five meters wide, with space for 14 diners at a time.

Opened since 2015, the restaurant is meant to give Conrad Rangali resort a point of attraction amongst other luxury resorts in Maldives. Although the site itself is already an appealing feature by itself, the restaurant does not take their culinary approach lightly. Lead by  Italian-born chef Marco Amarone, the restaurant offers well-executed four-course lunch and six-course contemporary European menus . quite a worthy experience for those with around £230 to spare for six course dinner.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

+960 668-0629


via: Telegraph UK

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