Designer-Approved Chocolate Box

Designer-Approved Chocolate Box

If you’re on the receiving end of this sleek box, you might easily misjudge them as another nicely-packaged designer tool. While the packaging is undoubtedly on point, once you open the box, you’d be gleefully surprised to find out that it is actually a packet of your favorite sweet treats.

The package is designed by a Barcelona-based design agency BLOCD to combine their character with something that would be widely enjoyed by people.  They then come up with an idea to take Pantone, an indispensable tool for any designer and merge it with sweet treats people can’t refuse: chocolate. The box is designed to resemble a book of paint swatches, but instead of cards, it holds a spectrum of chocolate from white to dark in the shades with names like ‘snow white’ and ‘sandy beige’.

The packaging, while quite minimalist, clearly reflects the company’s attention to detail. While the chocolates are… well, the chocolate that everybody loves. The box is then distributed by BLOCD to customers and friends as a Christmas gift, and we can only expect that they will be doubly delighted.


Via: Fubiz

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