Define: Athleisure

Define: Athleisure


If the roaring 20’s will perfectly sum up fashion on that decade, as well as flower power does for the 60s, then athleisure should be the word we use to define 2010s. However, as I’m typing, the word is underlined with the zigzag red line we writers has come to know so well, marking that it remains a made up term used nowhere outside the fashion realms. The fact is, actually, the word can’t be as valid as it is right now. Starting 2016, Merriam-Webster has includes athleisure as an English word (as stated in this blog post).

Adding athleisure into dictionary seems only proper because the recently patented word happens to carry a bigger effect than it seems. Other than being a trend that promotes wellness and healthy lifestyle (which obviously, a trend we should embrace), athleisure also dominates the sales on apparel market. According to Forbes, Morgan Stanley predicts that, by 2020, activewear will represent $83 billion in sales, “stealing market share from non-athletic apparel.” It also cites Stylus’ statement that,“The athleisure phenomenon looks set to continue into 2016 and beyond, and is now on course to become one of the fastest-growing global apparel product categories in the second half of this decade.”

Indeed, it’s apparently an omen when Victoria Beckham whose stilettos practically mark her existence has finally given herself to sneakers. As for you, it might be the time. Learn the word and add it to your own vocabulary.

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