DANSHAN: An Exploration of Masculinity

DANSHAN: An Exploration of Masculinity

Feminism might be a worldwide hot topic right now and various feminist movements are starting to gain their rightful voice. While society’s shift towards gender equality is surely on its progress, there’s an aspect that often got overlooked and that is masculinity. Whereas, this aspect is actually very important because it lies on the other side of the gender binary spectrum. Furthermore, the better understanding of femininity can only be gained by deconstructing the definition of masculinity as well.

Found by two designers Dan and Shan who come from China and Hongkong, Danshan stands as a menswear brand that explores the other aspects of masculinity. Having to grow up in a culture where gender is strictly defined, the designer has to face the complicity of gender dynamic herself. Therefore, the brand aims to create and celebrate a form of masculinity that is often neglected and rarely celebrated; A man who is vulnerable, sentimental and expressive. "The traditional values and boundaries of masculinity don't allow you to be openly emotional and vulnerable, which I believe is the most beautiful aspect of humanity." The designer told I-D.

The collection features menswear that incorporate details like draped linens, satins and cottons in a shape of oversized dressing gowns, billowing nightshirts and night slips. Each piece portrays men in their traditionally less-celebrated aspects like being uncompetitive and calm. They also evokes a sensitivity that is rarely applauded in modern masculinity. "I believe the physicality of a garment, how it hangs on the body and feels against the skin, has a massive impact on the mentality of the wearer. Through keeping an open mind towards fashion without considering its traditional gender boundaries, we can create sensations and feelings we have never experienced before," Shan explains.

Via: I-D

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