Creative Natives from BoboWomen

Creative Natives from BoboWomen

Inspired by the women who have high determination, inspiring, and love what they do wholeheartedly, as one of the leading lifestyle e-commerce in Indonesia has launched a new campaign entitled "#BoboWomen". Through this campaign, wants to bring a perspective on the role and position of women. That Indonesian women have progresses in many areas of life without neglecting the domestic sector.

The campaign features talented women who are expected to inspire other women in Indonesia in order to accept themselves completely, feel proud of their own existence as well as realize that women are able to make a meaningful contribution to their own lives as well as to the lives of those around them. "There are so many great women in Indonesia and we hope the #BoboWomen can represent our consumers. They could be our friends, colleagues or even strangers whose work feels familiar in our lives, " said Jimmy Akili, founder and CEO of

As a major campaign of, #BoboWomen will come with a different theme each month. This May 2016, #BoboWomen will run a series of "Creative Natives" featuring the women of creative industries in Indonesia. These women are, tattoo artists Nadcil, photographer Amanda Kusai, film director Ghyan, fashion designer Ratna Katarina, and creative directors Sasa and Pola Artistry. In the following months , the campaign will have the theme "The Power Ladies" which is a series of business and women career and continued with a series of "Cool Moms" which highlights the modern mother figure.

In each campaign, also displays collections of several designers and leading fashion brand in Indonesia, such as Rama Dauhan, Major Minor, Patrick Owen, Duma, and much more. For more information about #BoboWomen "Creative Natives", you can see here


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