Creating a Colorful Sleepwear Scene with Nufferton

Creating a Colorful Sleepwear Scene with Nufferton

A comfortable sleepwear is essential for a goodnight sleep. However, it too often falls in the holey t-shirts and run-out shorts category (we don’t judge, though. They really are comfortable). But when there’s actually an option of sleepwear that can make you comfortable and has a look that gets you excited while putting them on by the end of the day, why not opt for that? Specializing in Pajamas, Nufferton offers you a range of good-looking pairs that would turn your sleep time into a colorful pop-culture-themed-sleepover-appropriate scene.

Just launching this June, Nufferton introduced their label by releasing their first collection called Uno. The range consists of cotton pajamas that would fit both men and women. The designs are rooted to their Swedish origins, thus featuring clean silhouette that dismisses all the frills. However, when it comes to patterns and coloring, the brand does not afraid to play it all out. They offers 9 different upbeat colors like cobalt, yellow, and orange, in patterns like checks, polka dots, and the classic stripes.

Reflected in their colorful, quirky, and happy-go-lucky lookbook, the pajamas seems to be the ones that are not good-looking enough to wear lounging around the house, but also can pass to be worn outside. And if you’re interested to own a pair, you can head over to the brand’s online store.


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