Create Your Custom Dior Sunglasses with #MyDiorSoReal

Create Your Custom Dior Sunglasses with #MyDiorSoReal

Dior’s sunglasses seem to have become one of the biggest stars in fashion. Given its popularity, just like any other in demand items, many are wearing it anywhere and anytime, thus some people would naturally want theirs to stand out. Now, for the first time, Dior has opened a new platform for those who wish to have a unique pair of this must-have: My Dior So Real.

This platform enables you to create bespoke pair of the luxury French house’s sunnies. Just as their deconstructed pantos shape that harmoniously blends with architectural lines and couture spirit characterizes these sunglasses, add your own spin to it by picking the style of each part from lenses and metal, down to the smallest details like nosepads. Fully mirrored, semi-mirrored, or double-mirrored? Go pink, go blue, or go black? Your call. There is even an engraving option to put your signature – be it your name or a quote, let the sunglasses speak you.

DiorSoReal Sunglasses cost £465 and are available exclusively on the Dior e-boutique in UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany only.

Picture courtesy of Kayture

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