Craig Green Unveils Drone Shot Campaign

Craig Green Unveils Drone Shot Campaign

A next level way of how a campaigns can be executed. London designer Craig Green unveils the campaign for his FW16 collection shot by drone photography. Photograph by Robbie Spencer, the images see Green’s avant-garde, genderless clothing against barren desert backdrops. The entire collection is portrayed in the image set, the models are piled atop each other in bodily heaps, which sees thirty looks split into groups of five across six shots. Moving away from fashion campaign conventions, Green geared the images to resemble photoshoots one might see in National Geographic.

“We were trying to think of new ways to approach things and came up with the idea of shooting with a drone instead of a photographer so it almost felt like a documentation, rather than era-specific in any way. It’s nothing against photographers – we’ve worked with amazing photographers – it just felt like the right thing to do. And I thought there was something quite great about them looking almost likeNational Geographic (images) – scientific and cold in some ways, the image is so romantic of all the boys together. We wanted it to have a really dreamy, painterly feel,” said Craig Green.

Check out the campaign below and you can read an interview with Green, and see the campaign as a video, over at Dazed.

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