Cooking with Zac

Cooking with Zac

Fashion and food have always had a fatal attraction. For example, as early as the 1930s, Elsa Schiaparelli collaborated with Salvador Dali to create a white lobster printed gown. And then there was Moschino’s Fall 2014 collection inspired by McDonald’s culture, coupled with Chanel’s now-infamous supermarket runway for Fall 2014. In similar sense, Designer Zac Posen represents the food-meets-fashion love affair in his #cookingwithzac Instagram posts—photos of seasonal dishes he creates for himself and friends. And he finally made the announcement of a Posen-helmed cookbook with the same name as his famous hash tag. This book ensure to give delight to his 1 million followers on Instagram.

It might be hard to imagine Zac Posen having much free time, with him designing his Zac Posen and ZAC Zac Posen lines, also acting as the creative director of Brooks Brothers, and serving as a judge on Project Runway. But cooking has been another part of him besides fashion. And it is somewhat similiar to fashion, as Zac Posen said “You have to start with good ingredients: good fabrics and good materials, a clear concept and the flow of it. A composition-flavor and taste, it’s like how a garment feels and wears. Then your dessert is your eveningwear. And I cook based on color and design, like I’ve done all purple meals. I’ve done green eggs and ham breakfasts. That makes it fun to entertain. It’s like putting a collection together, but it’s impromptu. It’s creative and it deals with different senses”.

Posen describes his current cuisine style as rustic to refined, “I’ll say that the book is not a one-dish wonder . . . . My French partner, Christopher Niquet, loves his pâte à choux, which is one of the easiest recipes to make, and then you can build variations on it. My dad is from St. Louis, so we go from barbecue in the book to great ways to prepare quick and healthy energy meals, like different ways to do lentils mixed with fresh tarragon, chervil, and lemon zest—or you might want to try an orange zest in there to bring more of a floral note,” he goes on, rattling off ingredients with the same ease he discusses his double-face wools or jewel-toned organdies. Safe to say, Cooking With Zac is just the beginning of building out the Posen lifestyle brand.

Cooking With Zac will be published by Rodale and arrive in fall 2017.

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