Christmas - The Indonesian Way

Christmas -  The Indonesian Way

Christmas has arrived! And identical to the usual Christmas celebrations, are the christmas tree decorated with colorful ornaments, dinner togehter and the most awaited gift giving for loved ones. But, it turns out in different regions of our beloved country, people are celebrating Christmas in different ways. Christmas is celebrated here with rich culture, tradition and devotion. Take a look on how Indonesian celebrating this beautiful time of the year.

Wayang Wahyu in Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta is one of the big cities in Indonesia that celebrates Christmas in a unique way. Christmas celebrations are rife with traditions. The priest or pastor usually leads mass wearing traditional beskap suits and blangkon hats while speaking in the courteous Javanese, complete with a wayang kulit (shadow puppet) performance that tells a story of  “The Birth of Christ”. People also have a tradition of visiting relatives homes, similar to Eid Al Fitr, and children sometimes receive money from their elders. Beautiful sacred atmosphere surrounds Yogyakarta during Christmas time.

Penjor in Bali
This ‘Island of the Gods’ is aptly named. Fringed with perfect beaches and colourful coral reefs, Bali is a land of stunning natural beauty and friendly people who are proud of their ancient culture and traditions. In Bali religious tolerance is one thing that we should admire. There is barely any difference between Chirstmas with the celebration of Galungan for Hindus. Christians in Bali usually celebrate Christmas by wearing traditional clothing from their respective regions, such as kebaya, sashes, and kamen fabric in black in white. Balinese traditional dish, such as lawar and pork satay become one of the main menu of Christmas celebration. Most of Christian villages in Bali are located on the south of this island. In those villages during Christmas day, church complexes are decorated with bamboos and janur, which is a distinctive ornament in Bali known as Penjor that symbolises Anantaboga dragon. To celebrate tropical Christmas while sink in beautiful culture, Bali is indeed the right destination.

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