Changing-up Your Footwear Game With Shooz

Changing-up Your Footwear Game With Shooz

One of the biggest travelling challenges one might ever encounter is probably trying to pack light. An overloaded baggage can be somewhat burdensome, but sorting a few items out is not that easy either, especially if you’re planning to cram multiple occasions in one single trip. A beach to hiking to evening-out itinerary for instance, requires a whole different set of outfits that can’t be worn interchangeably. Not to mention the elephant in the suitcase: Shoes. They act as an essential part of your every activities, but they take up a giant amount of space in your suitcase, so bringing three different shoes for three different activities is downright impractical.

Born from the need of simplifying travel essentials, Shooz will change up your footwear game by creating a shoes with two detachable and interchangeable parts: Shooz skin and Shooz sole. These two parts can be attached interchangeably by a special waterproof zipper to create a custom shoes to suit your need. All you have to do is connect the ends of the skin and the sole just like you would with a jacket. Once the zippers are linked, close the snap fastener on the heel. What’s even better about Shooz is, once the two parts are separated, both the sole and the skin took a light and compact shapes that makes them easy to travel with.

Consisting of 5 different variations of soles and 16 skins, Shooz provides endless possibilities to construct your own ideal shoes. For example, you can combine the ‘urban’ sole and ‘mocassino’ skin for a relaxing walk, and change the skin up with the wingtip ‘duillio’ if you’re going to attend a formal event straight after. You can also opt for a ‘running’ sole which is paired with the ‘stringa’ skin for work and then change it to the sporty ‘corsa’ skin for a bike ride after. Having met their goal on Kickstarter, the Shooz pre-order with delivery estimated for mid-September 2016, and those who wish to have a smooth footwear transition on a daily basis might need to place an order.

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