Catch Them All with Vixole

Catch Them All with Vixole

Pokémon GO might only be around for less than a month, but for those who play it, it’s no longer just a game; it’s a lifestyle. There are already many recorded cases of how people going the extra miles to show that for some people, this augmented reality game might not be just a game. This phenomenon thus create a new (very large) group of people called Pokemon hunters. Furthermore, Pokémon GO also happens to create a whole bunch of new people that could appropriately be called as Poke-preneurs.

One of the example of Poke-preneuring is how cafes and shopping malls are known to put lure within their area to attract more customers. Some people are also starting to go around selling Pokemon-related services like catching and training these virtual monsters for a cash. Other than those, companies are responsively taking their part by creating various Pokemon-related merchandise and even some actual working gadgets. One of the latest (and probably coolest) of said gadget might be a sneakers by Vixole.

Just recently, the startup company released a prototype for a smart model called e-sneakers. This shoes has LED lights installed throughout the shoe that can light up and animate via custom designs and patterns. The shoes are also compatible with virtual and augmented reality games like Pokémon GO. By synchronizing it with the app, the sneakers would vibrate when a Pokemon appears nearby and work along with the map to guide you to the location.

Although launching their first prototype by riding the Pokémon GO wave, seeing that the shoes can be paired with a lot more other app (and although we might not be able to see it at the moment) we predict that they will survive should the Pokémon GO hype passed.

Via: Sole Collector

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