Case Studies' Non-Seasonal Knit Play

Case Studies' Non-Seasonal Knit Play

Just in time for fashion world’s shift towards more gender ambiguous pieces, Case Studies, a Berlin based brand come up with a series of garment that are not strictly adheres to the men/women binary. At least that’s what we perceived from these hazy colored lookbook and multi-colored knitwear they beautifully execute.


Although do not directly describing the collection as unisex, their silhouettes speaks it. By playing with simple and clean cuts, their shape translates to neither feminine nor masculine. Case studies also think themselves as “better in colors than in words” and this description gives us the freedom to interpret what they’re trying to offer.

Through their simple cut of the garments, they attract our focus on the fluctuations and flows of colors, and on light and form that create dreamy, intensely saturated landscapes. They also try to show their passion and their exploration of textile technique that do not take too much care about time, and seasons.


Via: Fuckingyoung

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