Carolin Holzuber: Wear Art, Don’t Wear Shoes

Carolin Holzuber: Wear Art, Don’t Wear Shoes

Normally, a fashion item is made to be worn. However, not all of them are meant to be part of your day to day ensemble. Instead, some are made to be admired for its aesthetical value just as an art would. The latter is the case with Carolin Holzuber’s numbers of sculptural collector's shoes. She designs and makes sculptural handcrafted footwear not to fulfill your clothing necessities. Instead, she makes them to confuse, disturb or grasps the spectator for a long time. With her work, she wants to challenge the eyes and the mind.

This East London-based Austrian designer is captivated with the idea of manifesting her Illusions about mirroring, reflection, visual illusion and conjoined twins through her designs. It then translates to complex, dynamic constructions mixed with the typically aesthetic and grace of a shoe. What makes her creation even more special is her dedication to make the shoes by sticking to a classic method. All her footwear pieces are produced by herself and made by hand in a little workshop in East London. This method is chosen to make sure all the complicated details are made accordingly.

The end results are shoes that emphasize the beauty of their materials and are more akin to sculptures. And while walking in them is almost impossible (except, maybe if you’re Lady Gaga), the aesthetical values of each of them might outdo any other cons it has. Because when you walk in them, you’re no longer wearing shoes. You’re wearing art.


Via: Lancia Trend Visions

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