Calvin Klein Hints on Simons

Calvin Klein Hints on Simons

Perhaps the worst kept secret in the fashion industry right now is who will replace Francisco Costa as creative director of Calvin Klein, as  he stepped down from the role back in April. Though insider speculation suggests that Raf Simons is the sole candidate. In fact, depending on who you ask, Simons's hire may already be a done deal, and the American label is simply waiting to make an announcement until Simons's non-compete with LVMH expires, reportedly at the end of July.

According toWWD,  Klein openly discussed the vacancy left by Costa that it's been filled by now. "They just finally made changes in the design staff," he said. "They won't announce (who it is) publicly because it's under contract. But the whole industry knows." This little statement is pretty solid proof that Simons is about to take the helm of the house and that we can expect an official announcement before New York Fashion Week kicks off in September (hopefully).

Calvin Klein isn't one to hold back his honest opinions, like when he dissed the label for hiring Kendall Jenner. "They are doing something that I had hoped they would have done, which is replace me. Find someone who can with a singular vision oversee everything that is creative," he said. The eponymous label, which Klein sold to PVH Corp. in 2002, made a point to announce that as of Costa's departure, it would be consolidating all Calvin Klein lines, including jeans and underwear and uniting the brand under "one creative vision." This of course, includes menswear because men's Creative Director Italo Zucchelli departed back in April too. Which all led to the signs that Raf Simons is the man for the job.

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