Bucket List Worthy Experience in the Far North

Bucket List Worthy Experience in the Far North

When various creatives use ice as a medium to create, your most whimsical icy fantasies are bound to turn into reality. In fact, those ethereal set-ups were already being manifested in a form of artistic hotel suites, in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Collaborating with hundreds of creators all around the world, ICEHOTEL provide you with luxurious –and otherworldly experience—in modern day igloo.

Since it was first built in 1989, ICEHOTEL has been catering to the curiosity of those who wants to experience a glimpse of ‘icy’ lifestyle. The words ‘icy’ here however, is meant to be taken literally as the ICEHOTEL specialty is to create accommodation spaces that are built with ice. These hotel suits will naturally melt by the time of spring, thus the annual renovation, involving different creators to build new frosty set-ups each winter.

As for the 26th edition this year, ICEHOTEL features flocks of animals from elephants to peacocks, and other patterns drawn from nature. It has opened on December 11, 2015 in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden with individually themed and hand crafted art suites. Furthermore, the experience is enhanced by the fact that it is located on the far North, offering a chance to witness the magical aurora borealis. It can be assured that we’re adding the destination to our lifetime bucket list. How about you?

Source: Icehotel, Design Boom

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