Be In-Between; Stepping into Fall

Be In-Between; Stepping into Fall

Here come September, many are ready to keep away all the spring frills and flowers and exchange them for the warm and cozy to greet the colder months. Also coming with the month is unfortunately the unpredictable change of weather and the awkward temperature. While it is too cold for shorter getup, it is still too warm for the coats. So, what is the trick? Balance. How to achieve it? The turtlenecks.

With many cuts and designs, the turtlenecks pose many styling options. Here are some recommendations.

1. Sleeveless X Pants: With the arms bare, the legs can stay in cover with longer bottoms. Play with wide legged pants for a trendy look.

2. Standard X Minis: With the classic designs, stay cool with shorter bottoms. Mini skirts and shorts keeps the temperature feels right when the upper body is fully covered.

3. Cropped X Highwaisted: With the mid-riff uncovered, it guarantees the fresh look. Cropped turtlenecks – just like other cropped items will be good pairs with highwaisted bottoms.

4. Short Sleeves Turtlenecks: With the balance already present, this piece is probably the easiest to put together into an outfit in the awkward weather. This will go with anything. When it is warmer go with A-line mini skirt, when it is colder pick some culottes – simple.

5. Overalls Over All: Pinafores, jumpsuits, dungarees, anything goes. Tips: cropped turtlenecks are good with longer jumpsuits and the classic cuts – sleeveless or not, are good with shorter overall.

Remember that it is all about balance, no excuse to not look chic even when the weather is odd, right?

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