Based Club: Basic for the Non-Basics

Based Club: Basic for the Non-Basics

A first glance on two fresh-faced, bed-headed models yawning on its lookbook cover, Based Club instantly got us hooked. There’s something peculiarly captivating about how they present themself: the youthfulness, the humor, and the refreshing sense of nonchalance. Intrigued about what’s the story they’re trying to tell, we decided to dig deeper about this Bandung-based brand.

When asked about what inspired the brand, we would normally expect answers like ‘childhood stories’ or ‘history from faraway lands’ but instead, ‘expensive stuff’ is the only thing they name as something that inspire them. “We crave those things, that’s why we run this business,” the answer which, while quite frank, is strikingly on point.

Aware of the changes that happening in the society, one might ask, “What is actually happening among the society?”. Based Club themself claimed to be standing for current issues that you may hate or even overheard. However, they choose to answer that question in a way that people might not comprehend but can perceive. Instead of disclosing it in words, they just want to capture it through their clothes. “And you—as the agent, spread those issues by wearing it. So hopefully, people will be more aware and stop complaining about everything they hear or watch. Embrace it instead,” they stated. “What makes us stand out is that we bring sarcasm that turns out to be critic for our society through clothes, and we think we are outspokenly obvious. We don’t try to answer all the issues, we just want to show it to people what is happening in our society especially in youth culture,” they further added.

Judging from an array of graphic t-shirts, hoodies, jogger pants, and shorts they offer, it is obvious that their main products concerns about the basic—and hence the name Based Club. “We want to summon those who love wearing basic, but seriously, Based Club is not intended for the basics. If you know what I mean,” they further stated.  Indeed, despite standing for the basics, there’s nothing stereotypically ‘basic’ about the carefree nature each of their pieces exhibits. As a matter of fact, they’re definitely cool–in their own quirky sense of coolness.

As for their latest collection which cheekily called ‘Scum Network’, they dedicate a collection to those who always feel bad at anything. “It talks about those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere, constantly being lazy but still crave for richness. Because now we know there’s no glory in process.”

And of course, by this point we are intrigued regarding what comes next for this brand. “We doubt every single time, and that’s normal because it’s related to the future. We have no idea, we just do it. Market cannot be read, and we don’t like reading. So we just do it and will keep doing it. Our aspiration is simply that our brand will become a part of every generation in the future, because we are more like a t-shirt or a cap, we want you to tell your experience to people thorough our apparel.” And that was it, Based Club got us fully hooked by their admirable blatancy.

Find out more about their latest collection on their instagram page and Arena Experience website.

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