Back to The 90s with Reebok

Back to The 90s with Reebok

There’s no denying that the 90s might be one of the best decade of fashion. Those were the years of sportswear-inspired outfits, oversized sweaters, washed denims, and a lot other fashion staples that we would love to wear up to this day. In fact, people are so caught up in this era that a lot of brands are rolling back to the 90’s to cater to people’s nostalgic needs. One of the brands that recently brought back their 90s collection is Reebok.

The sportswear brand is bringing back their Reebok Classic's Vector range which was initially designed for football legends back in the days such as Ryan Giggs. Initially released in the 90’s, the collection quickly transforms from a regular training gear into a cool kid’s staples at that time. However, the remade range is designed a little differently. While still featuring the iconic baggy silhouettes and iconic red, white and blue logo, the pieces are reimagined to suit today’s aesthetic.

Ranging from sweaters, hoodies, tracksuit bottoms, windbreakers and graphic tees, the current version of Reebok’s vector range reflects the youth’s penchant for something casual, sporty, and iconic. And to embody all of those looks, the brand chooses Anais Gallagher as the campaign’s face. She happens to be a daughter of Noel Gallagher, guitarists of OASIS which everybody knows was big in the 90s— and we predict this as not a coincidence.

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