Are you ready to take a #seriescommitment?

Are you ready to take a #seriescommitment?

Sick of your significant other skipping ahead and watching your favorite streaming shows without you? Lock them into a faithful TV-series relationship with a high-tech pair of commitment rings, thanks to U.K. ice cream brand Cornetto. The brand created special rings that connect to streaming apps, and use near field communications to block access to TV shows you both watch unless your partner is nearby. 

Commitment Rings is the brainchild of Cornetto who uses the tagline ‘love should last longer than one season’. Couples make the commitment to each other with the rings, register them together via the smartphone app and log in series they want to watch together. The rings use near field communication (NFC) technology that links them to video streaming services for six months – a full season. NFC is a short-range wireless connectivity standard that uses magnetic field inductions to allow communication between two devices. When the rings are close to each other, the app will pick up the signal and automatically unblock the series in you and your significant other’s list. But it you will not be able to access the series if you have an inkling to cheat. Cornetto is partnering with some of the top streaming services as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime TV. 

"Cornetto has always been about celebrating teen love in a fun, light-hearted way. We wanted to encourage teens to commit to watching their favorite TV series together — and thanks to Cornetto and NFC technology, we can end the despicable behavior of watching episodes of your favorite series without your partner, " said Cornetto global brand director Barbara Cavicchia. Some of the details here are still sketchy — the rings won't be available as retail items, but you can sign up on the Series Commitment website to receive them on a first-come, first-serve basis in the near future.

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