All You Need Is This Cult-Favorite Bomber Jacket

All You Need Is This Cult-Favorite Bomber Jacket

If you are searching for an alternative to the most hyped and cult-favorite bomber jacket , you may want to check out new brand, The Fan. Created by London-based designer Elle Azhdari (previously of handbag and accessories line Janvier) and stylist Cristina Aranda-Garzon, The Fan, is a larger-than-life celebration of the celebrity fandom cult.


The debut collection, called MEGASTAR features the classic bomber in hand-stitched patches of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine covers. The jackets, which come in silver and orange, have two designs with raw edge sleeves and full sleeve. All of are plastered in hand-painted patches by Richard F. Bernstein.“Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine embodies every inch of all the things we love; larger than-fiction size superstars, colour, glamour, craftsmanship and instant patina,” says Elle. “After the closing of my label, Janvier, and going through so much bullshit and paperwork, I felt mentally and creatively stifled and drained. I felt the urge to create something completely opposing to luxury handbags.” She says. “This felt fresh and fun to me. I’ve always been obsessed with imagery, style and customisation so I figured working with patches would be a good avenue and then it just escalated from there,” shee continued. And to celebrate the launch, the duo collaborated on a short video with Theophilus London, who shares his ultimate fan-boy confessions in the video.


Each jacket is made in the USA, hand-customised in the UK and only available in a limited edition run of 30. To commemorate the launch of the line, a run of 150 Michael Jackson tees are available. Each purchase comes with an authentication card and you can purchase it online.

Source Amuse

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