A.L.C. Spring/Summer 2016 - Pre

A.L.C. Spring/Summer 2016 - Pre

Elegant yet laidback, ladylike but still sporty, those are the identity of A.L.C.’s collections. Those qualities always fascinate us and get us to look forward to their new brainchild.

Sill staying true to their trademark, this time the collection brings a vintage vibe to add into the excitements. Touches of paisley and rustic hues distinguish this collection, which is being tied together by monochrome pieces.

The silhouettes present are very clean and appealing. Those flared pants, nicely fitted shirts, and the off-shoulder piece are approached in a contemporary way to fit the modern women. Small details like subtle fringe add a nice touch without being too out there.

It is a collection that seems to be speaking about being edgy at ease. Those outfits were paired with sneakers rather than heels. They all seem very comfortable and flattering from the way they fall on the body and refreshing to the eyes. The pieces are also versatile, it is easy to imagine them being worn in so many different ways on so many different occasions.

We definitely think this whole collection is a staple to have and currently admiring the long flared pants that will totally get us to seemingly own models’ legs.

All images were taken from vogue.co.uk

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