Adidas Originals Superstar 80's City Series

Adidas Originals Superstar 80's City Series

It seems that Adidas never cease to amaze us with their Original Shoes Collection. The German Design company just launched a ‘City’ series this month, and we can feel the anticipation and excitement coming from sneakers’ fans.

The capsule collection looks the same as the classic Adidas Original, with its laced up front, rubber sole unit and shell-toe. What’s different is, it stands for 6 individual shoes in different hues; sleek black, mustard yellow, royal blue, bright red, rich purple and dusty grey. Each color picked is paired with different cities such as; New York, Shanghai, Paris, London, Tokyo and Berlin.

The fine little details and materials used are the wow-factor for the shoes. Suede are hard to maintain yes, but we just could not resist the sumptuous-velvety material, they make everything looks polished. We have to agree that Adidas brilliantly corporate the suede leather with gold stamp for the cities names on the side of the shoes and emblems at the back outer heel. Respectively the shoes are simple but well-made, classic but trendy, and of course eye-catching.

Adidas Tokyo

Adidas Paris 2

Adidas Shanghai

Adidas Shanghai 2

Adidas London

Adidas London 2

Adidas New York

Adidas New York 2

Adidas Berlin

Adidas Berlin 2

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