A-Z by Zlatan Ibrahimovic—Not Another Athleisure Brand

A-Z by Zlatan Ibrahimovic—Not Another Athleisure Brand

If you’re even at the very least aware about football (or soccer, what have you) Zlatan Ibrahimovic can’t be too much of a strange name. For comparison, his status and fierceness in football world might be considered equal to that of Anna Wintour’s in fashion. As of recently, he readily spreads his domination by jumping into the fashion business. Teaming up with Swedish company Varner, this captain of Sweden National Team is releasing a trainingwear brand called A-Z.

In the midst of the widespread growth of the athleisure trend, it only seems like a perfect time to get into the game and come up with an athletic brand. Even more so if the person behind it is someone with 15 years of stellar sport career. However, A-Z is not categorized as an athleisure brand. In fact, Zlatan himself admitted to never hear of the term Athleisure.

With the slogan fiercely stating “You will sweat, cry, scream, bleed,” the brand is specifically made to best cater your training needs. However, as he stated to Vogue, Zlatan reject the idea that clothing can improve performance. “A-Z is for anyone, and you do not need to be at a high level of fitness to use it. What we are saying is that training is not all about the gear; it is all about you. So we will not say that if you wear this shirt you will turn into the Hulk. To become something you want to be depends on your head, about how much you are willing to sweat and sacrifice. You start at A, and your Z can be anything you decide it to be. All we do is help you on the way,” he further added.

Furthermore, A-Z is made to be an easy, discreet, functional product—the best it can be for its job. “After that, it is up to you,” Zlatan said. With an aesthetic that any streetstyle star would approve, those who are really into sport might actually prefer this brand over the other popstar-labeled athleisures out there. Go directly to a-z website to shop for the collection.



Via: Vogue

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