A Taste of Nordic

A Taste of Nordic

Nordic design are known for its’ infamous clean aesthetic. Distinguished by its’ purity and minimalism, this particular style has gained remarkable popularity all over the world. For those whom are fond of this kind of style, Stole The Snow offers you range of selected menswear items that would suit your preference.

All brands represented by Stole The Snow appears to have an underlying similarity in their designs—they rule out all the knick-knacks, while playing with essential forms, and paying attention in basic qualities. Curated mostly from Nordic countries’, the store represented designers such as: Uniforms for the Dedicated, KHND Studios, Aded by Markfant (Sweden), Rains, Nosomnia, Vibe Johansson, Journal (Denmark) as well Frisur, J’ai mal a la tete, Askyurself, Sissi Goetze (Germany) and The World is Your Oyster (Hong Kong).

Offering essential pieces which extends from outerwear, top, shirt, t-shirt, bottom, and bag, Stole The Snow will provide minimal-design-enthusiasts a range of clothing that that would suit their taste. Speaking of taste, those who fancy some wine, might be specially delighted. The store is giving away delicate free wine for everyone who shops above 5 euros. Nordic garments and fine wine, all to provide you with the whole new shopping experience.

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