A Tale of J.W. Anderson’s Little Princes

A Tale of J.W. Anderson’s Little Princes


The seasons are rotating really fast and before we know it, it’s Spring/Summer 2017 already for the men’s show. One of the most eye-catching shows yet might be of J.W. Anderson’s latest collection. With its colorful tones, playful patterns, and voluminous structure, it certainly got everyone wondering about the story he’s trying to tell.

Donning clothes that are intentionally made with sleeves too long, and hems touching the floor the models who walked for the show would remind you of little boys who are trying to dress in their father’s wardrobe—and that is indeed what Anderson had in mind while designing those pieces. The clothes also incorporate a lot more childlike hints such as bib-like shirt front, puzzle prints, and not to forget the schoolboy hairstyle the models were sporting. The overall look shall give you an impression that Anderson was rummaging through his own childhood mementos for such inspirations, and you might not be wrong.

The story from this collection was indeed inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s heartfelt novel ‘The Little Prince’. The novel is about an aviator who got stranded in the dessert. The aviator then befriended the little prince who taught him to never forget how it was like to be a child. He told Dazed Digital that he was looking at different naïve childhood references and tried using the vocabulary he has, to make it more sugary. Along with this, he referred to his man as ‘little princes’ and each of them was wearing aviator goggles as a nod to the aviator in the story.

To further enrich the collection, Anderson also cited David Bowie’s influence which can be seen in traces of the Thin White Duke in the experimental silhouettes and slightly flamboyant masculinity. However, the overall boyish appeal is so salient and it will take us in the amazing journey back to our childhood. Thus, Anderson’s latest collection is here as another prove that our generations have an undying desire to keep delving back into our childhood. Also, hopefully, just like The Little Prince, never forget how it is like to be a child.

Via: Wallpaper, Dazed Digital

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