A New Take on Your Adolescent Favorite

A New Take on Your Adolescent Favorite

Who loves playing truth-or-dare? Or dare-or-dare? Maybe truth-or-truth? Yeah, it’s one of those games that would surely be played in some parties or sleepovers. A favorite to potentially know someone’s crush and maybe to get a chance to embarrass your best friend, it is taken as an excuse to fool around – to simply have fun. But if you think it is kids play, think again. Because apparently, an adult version of this game has been released.

Hold your thought, however, because the term adult doesn’t necessarily mean provocative questions or dares. Released for the grown-ups by the Berlin-based SOUVENIRby together with writer Jina Khayyer, this card variant urges players to somehow think deeper and be clever in answering the questions. The list includes intriguing queries from “Are you where you want to be?” to “Are you more understanding?” as well as “Do you have new dreams?”.

“As children we were excited to play TRUTH OR DARE, to kiss and fool around as much as possible. We will always remain children. But the game changes.” Khayyer said. The words imprinted on these multilingual questionnaires actually take their roots from the writer’s own periods of self-reflection, which answers can be found in her book ‘Older than Jesus’. Play alone or get a few friends together, let the game challenges you to ponder and unveil yourself.

Source: Highsnobiety

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