A Light on Defying Gravity

A Light on Defying Gravity

The light bulb, although considered as one of the most important inventions, has been bound in the same design department since Edison’s time 135 years ago. But now is the time to set it free – a new breed of light bulbs, dubbed Flyte, has the ability to fly. Yes, completely going against the law of gravity, it hovers by magnetic levitation and powered wirelessly through the air. There are no batteries involved and its low voltage LEDs make it completely safe and harmless.

This is really what happens when Edison and Tesla became friends – combining Edison’s signature bulb and Tesla’s laws of induction, the result is a screwless light bulb that will remain floating and rotate in the air with almost no friction.

Aside from technologically fascinating, Flyte is also aesthetically pleasing. Each of the bases, which contain the electromagnetic base, sensors, and power adapter, is elegantly designed and crafted in Sweden from sustainable oak, ash, and walnut. Also, the custom series features a handmade diamond-cut wooden base made in Sweden out of elm wood. Crafted by the designer and woodworker Dan Henriksson, each unit is unique and numbered.

To levitate Flyte, gently lower the bulb over the center of the magnetic base. The LEDs will start to light up and give an upward resistance. A gentle release can be felt when the bulb is positioned exactly at the center of the base. The electro-magnets will automatically canter the bulb in position. Slowly let go of the bulb and it will lock in position, light up, and rotate slowly. Turning on and off Flyte is as simple as touching the surface of the base. The levitation stays intact even when the light is off.

This creation of Simon Morris also charges smartphones, just put the phone on the base and the wireless technology will pump up the battery. Flyte really is a tempting addition for any room in the house – and it will stay alive for 22 years.

Pictures courtesy of Flyte

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