A Leap into the Future

A Leap into the Future

The number of brands and designers who use technologically advanced campaigns has grown into a point where it forms a notable amount of troops. One of the giant fashion houses that seem to be knee-deep into adopting this scheme is none other than the giant Louis Vuitton itself. After recruiting a Final Fantasy XIIIcharacter for their previous campaign, LV once again uses a digitally assembled model to display their product. This time they send a model robot into a celestial adventure, in a short film directed by Gills Esteve.

In the two minutes film—which quite literally— titled as “Space Travel of a Digital Girl”, a silver chrome (clearly a female) robot is put in an outer space whilst the LV’s recent collection are displayed. Their newest range of bags are floating around as extraterrestrial objects, and then shown with such grandeur to signify the details. Being in line to the film’s theme, their anagram seems to be redesigned to reflect a more futuristic aesthetic. All the bags, including the classic monogram bags, are also featured with innovative twist that seems to be coming straight from the 2100s.

Seeing the tendency of fantasizing the future in their campaigns, who do you think will be the next brand to join the high-tech squad?

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