8 Things You Missed From Inhype: OFFLINE

8 Things You Missed From Inhype: OFFLINE

PHOTO BY: Kevin Tzuriel

For the past few months, we’ve been busy bees arranging our launching event, which you’d probably notice if you’re a frequent visitor of our website and social medias. Alas, it finally happened last Saturday and we can’t be any more psyched about how it turns out. Took place in Ciputra Artpreneur, it consists of things that we truly care for and reflects our taste. For those who didn’t have a chance to come, here we try to review the whole event and make it as concise as 8 points.



PHOTO BY: Alex Christian H.

Put in the hands of Ogi from larch studio, the venue transforms into majestic urban scape, decorated with colorful neon lights and geometric structures. There are also multiple installations displayed which turned out to be ideal ootd spots.



PHOTO BY: Alex Christian H.

The creative vibe was prominent in our event. Given the freedom to decorate their space as their wish, the brands and talents went all out. Each of them came up with a display that while strikingly differs with one another, the exhibition somehow blends harmoniously.


Artwork by Andrew Carnegie. PHOTO BY: Alex Christian H.

Gathering various talents and allow them to express themselves without much limitation was proven to be a good choice. From crowd’s favorite like Gianni Fajri’s video installation, Andrew Carnegie’s shadow sculpture, or Muklay’s meticulously painted artwork to more contemplative ones like Rosalindynata Gunawan’s knits, Lala Bohang’s relatable doodles, to Byba Dolby Sakula’s screen printed fabrics all managed to bring their own unique flavors to the event.


Left: Imaji Studio, Right: Mandas. PHOTO BY: Alex Christian H

It was refreshing to see how delighted the event goers were to discover various under the radar brands sowcased. While not as mainstream as the other fast fashion brands, it was obvious that each of them have something that the crowd really digs. Shout out to Devá States, Dibba, Dominate, Imaji Studio, Mandas, Nadia Umammi, Phantasma*Studio and Suppairs.


PHOTO BY: Alex Christian H.

Being directed by Ajeng Svastiari, we can’t really expect much about the fashion presentation—nothing except the best. Modeled by talents from I-vy Models, the presentation successfully embodied our aesthetic.


Elephant Kinds performance. PHOTO BY: Kevin Tzuriel

If there are things that liven up the whole scene it was the music. Performances by Kimokal and Elephant Kind was the event goers’ favorite attraction, whilst the tune from PSDLC, Pandji Dharma, and R.O.A are the ones who accompanied them while roaming around the display.


PHOTO BY: Alex Christian H

The Crowd was filled with fashion insider like Sonia Eryka, Elxi Elvina, Pupu Paula, Chianty Gunawan, Arnold Teja, Genunerd, Andy Yanata . There are also a lot other enthusiastic (and stylish!) faces from wider public spotted on our event.


Personal Universe by Rama Dauhan. PHOTO BY: Alex Christian H.

One of the focal points of this event without a doubt was Rama Dauhan’s artwork called Personal Universe. Displayed in the very center of the venue the artwork was auctioned to the guests. The artwork was then sold to an anonymous bidder for Rp5.000.000, 100% of which will be donated to Sayap Dewantara foundation.

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