5 Indonesian Jewelry Brands to Watch

5 Indonesian Jewelry Brands to Watch

The nation’s fashion industry is evolving but still not many dare to express themselves fully through peculiar clothing. Hence, the community approaches another way to make statements, which are jewelries. Here are our top picks for the locally made unique pieces.

Environmental Jewelry

Based in Bandung, this brand became a sustainable jewelry label in May 2014 and their unique identity comes the material they use – dry rice grain, resin brass, and silver. The 22 years old designer comes from Austria and her name is Julia Skergeth. With the help of her partner, Ega, Environmental Jewelry runs under the concept of detailed nature and sustainable luxury.

Instagram: @environmentaljewelry
E-mail: environmentaljewelry25@yahoo.com
Line: ejrings
Whatsapp: +6281222816043
Twitter: @ejrings

Rosalyn Citta

Based on an ancient Japanese philosophy called ‘Wabi Sabi’ where imperfection and emptiness is beauty – as in beauty doesn’t have to be polished and perfect, Rosalyn Citta creates her jewelry pieces. One of the characters of her jewelry is oxidized metals, which creates expressive tones highlighting the hand-hammered items.

Website: www.rosalyncitta.com
Instagram: @rosalyncitta
E-mail: rosalyncitta@hotmail.com


Grown by the pair Amanda Mitsuri and Ramdhan Muhammad, this brand is one of the three nominees of ‘most promising accessories brand’ in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014. They create artificial gems using resin, marbling colors, and incorporate them into necklaces, bracelets, even shoes and cluthes.

Instagram: @massicot_
E-mail: massicot.jwl@gmail.com
Line: hellomassicot

Eden by Sight

Focusing on the beauty of the products, Jessica Saputro and Handy Yonathan explains why they chose the name Eden by Sight – that Eden means natural beauty and perfection. That also becomes their aim to achieve visual bliss. Gemstones were chosen as their material due to their belief of natural beauty and they guarantee the uniqueness of each piece for each stone has its own identity.

Instagram: @edenbysight.id
E-mail: edenbysight@gmail.com
Line: edenbysight.id
Whatsapp: +6287878716194
BBM: 549C22E9

KLAR Accessories

Founded by Talita Natalia in 2013, the Jakarta based brand launched their first collection in April 2014. Derived from the German word Klar, the meaning of clear refers to their main use of acrylics. Based on Talita herself, acrylic was chosen for its entity that could look invisible yet solid concurrently – showing their philosophy ‘a silent statement’. Very structural yet fluid, the collections are mostly inspired interior, architecture, graphic, and feelings.

Instagram: @klar_access
E-mail: klar.access@gmail.com

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