2016 Women Hair Scene

2016 Women Hair Scene

It’s still in the first quarter of 2016, so those in a quest of perfect hairstyle still got plenty of time. While we did come up with men hairstyle prediction, we decided that this time we’re going to ask an expert to sharpen the forecast. We visited Cay cay salon to have a chat with their owner, Anash Zinnia, the winner of Illumina hair color award to find out more about which women hairstyles are going to be big for 2016. And after a little chit-chat, she revealed 5 hair trends that are going to be big for this year.

1. Blunt cut

“Hairstyle is an integrated part of fashion, so hairstyle should complement the outfit you’re wearing,” Said Anash before explaining how it’s going to look like in terms of women hair scene. Thus by the rise of minimalist fashion, she predicts that clean, and minimal hairstyle such as blunt cut will stay popular this year.


2. Textured cut

With the rise of street style trend, Anash also told us that people are starting to get rid of their extensions and other high-maintenance habits. Instead they opt for ‘I woke up like this’ approach. Textured cuts are perfect to channel this laid-back look.


3. Medium length

During her day to day work, Anash found that there are significantly increasing demands for medium-length hair in her salon especially the one-length cut types. This style which once considered as an awkward in-between length seems to gain more popularity this year. So those with shorter cuts might need to think to grow out their length while those with longer hair could try to get some trim.


4. Ecaille coloring

Ombre was very big for the past few years. But for 2016, Anash predicts that ecaille will surpass it. This tortoise-shell like coloring method will give dimensions to the hair and would look especially exquisite in long wavy hair.


5. Rainbow colors

Agnez Mo goes blonde, Sonia Eryka goes denim, and Irene Kim hair color just keep changing. For those who had doubted to add some colors to their hair, Anash deemed that this is the year. Be it blue, blush, or any colors in the spectrum, or better yet, the combination of them, 2016 will be all about multicolored hair.

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